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  1. I have come across some online web novels that are wonderful and magical. I don’t know if anyone has the similar experience like me. I can read it online for nearly one day continually. Wu Dong Qian Kun was the first one I read about, really exciting. Then I was hooked on other similar novels like Battling Records of the Chosen One and Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation. Really a type of interesting novel I have never seen before.

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    Wheels by Arthur Hailey is one of the most underrated novel I have ever read,but after reading this my point of view was completely changed.People have a notion that Sci-Fi are not that influencing or like it is set in Detroit or covers about auto-mobile industry but I would like to add that the novel has a lot to keep you involved throughout like its a complete package it has everything facts,drama,racial issues,relations,& what not.One thing that mesmerized the most is how the novel deals with so many characters at the same time and also how everything was related & synced.Climax was also completely different & exciting ,all an all this book should also be there in one’s must read list.

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  3. One of the most underrated young adult novels of all time, Kira-Kira tells the story of two sisters, Katie and Lynn, the daughters of Japanese immigrants. As the family faces unending adversity, Katie reminds herself of the Japanese idea of “Kira-Kira,” to recognize that there is always a silver lining. Although it won a Newbery Medal, Kira-Kira is fairly unrecognized, but definitely worth the read


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